Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coming soon!

It's official!  All of the art is done and the files have been sent to the printer. A Book of Dwarves will be available at Spectrum Live in Kansas City, Mo. on May 18th-20th and then online through our Etsy store shortly after the convention.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the book via Kickstarter, re-blogging, re-posting, and re-tweeting. The Kickstarter campaign was such a success and gained so much interest that I was able to create more content and opt for a more polished presentation in the printing of the book.

The original version of A Book of Dwarves was supposed to be thirty two pages. By the end of last week, after all of the art, writing and layouts were finished, we're up to 54 pages!

After Spectrum Live I'll post updates about how the book is doing, behind the scenes photos, sketches, and all of the convention news. Until then, I'll be working to get ready for the book release.


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